A Gudie To Buying Vintage Coach Purses On Ebay

Ebay or other comparable auction websites are perfect places to find amazing deals on vintage Coach purses. The sad reality is that not all sellers on Ebay are honest. We have attempted to weed out a number of them, and we do our best to only feature listings from sellers that are reputable, but no system is 100% fool-proof and it is wise to take heed of some basic purchasing guidelines. It is widely recognized that individuals try to sell non genuine Coach purses to unsuspecting customers. Don't be overly concerned although, as there are some frequent traits to look for that will help you to spot a fake Coach purse from a mile away.

Be on the look-out for somebody that has many of the same purses for sale. There are websites that sell artificial Coach purses at discount in large volume and dishonest sellers often buy from these places. Fabric is much easier and much less expensive to exploit so also be cautious when selecting cloth coach bags.

A good clue as to whether the purse is authentic or not can be the auction photos. If the seller uses only stock photos from the Coach website, with white background, etc. then be wary. An additional tip may be the size of the picture. If the image is so little that you cannot see any of the purse detail then contact the seller and ask them to send you a more precise picture of the item. This will open the communication between you and the seller which can help you to get a sense of the seller. If they are short with you and offer minimal feedback then beware.

Read the text from auction posting very carefully. Look to see if the seller mentions that the Coach purse is a genuine. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for shady Ebay sellers to avoid flat out lying but they will not inform you of the whole truth.

The same as when you are purchasing any object on Ebay it is wise to pay near attention to the sellers. It's usually much more risky to buy from someone who has little or no feedback. Actually, to stay safe, I would not buy from somebody who has not or little feedback. If the seller has a lot of suggestions make sure you read the negative suggestions and see if any mention Fake Coach purses!!! Remember that if you have any questions you are able to write the seller with your questions.

One of the most essential tips would be to use PayPal when you purchase items on Ebay. When you use PayPal you are instantly eligible for $2000 dollars in coverage if something goes wrong with the purchase. If somehow after following all these tips you still end up with an artificial Coach purse then you can definitely get your cash back by disputing the transaction having used Pay Pal.

This article wasn't meant to scare you. Ebay is an excellent place to purchase Coach Purses at low costs. Take a deep breath, use your common sense and happy shopping!