Roger Vivier Handbags Recent pictures of Jessica Alba have her out on the town with a Roger Vivier handbag.  This talented actress has been voted one of the sexiest women alive, and she is well respected for her fashion choices. In fact, I’ve done a lot of research on the web, and I haven’t found one picture where Jessica didn’t look anything but fantastic. This is one woman who knows how to dress, so she can be depended on for good fashion tips. This is great news for Roger Vivier because getting the thumbs up from Jessica is going to win a whole new crowd of fans to the label.

Of course Jessica Alba isn’t the only celebrity who has developed a taste for Vivier designer handbags. Katie Holmes is another big fan of the designer and so is Jennifer Aniston. With so much star power it is little wonder that there is so much interest in the past and present catalog from Roger Vivier. These bags are ultra chic. The 2011 collection manages to combine classic themes with a truly modern look. One of the really nice things about this type of bag is that it just never goes out of fashion. Read more

gwyneth-paltrow-coach Cynics might claim that Gwyneth Paltrow is only adding her face to the Coach handbags advertising campaign because of the big paycheck on offer. I’m not so sure about this because there are good reasons to think that this actress has a genuine affection for these handbags. Sure, while it is unlikely that her motives are purely charitable I doubt that Gwyneth would add her reputation to any old product. After all, there are almost certainly many designer handbags that would like her endorsement. I bet she choose Coach handbags because they are such a good fit for her image.

Coach handbags are all about metropolitan sophistication and in many ways the same can be said for Gwyneth Paltrow. She fits in nicely with the new ultra chic Coach Chelsea Collection; a new line of designer handbags that is exactly what every city girl wants to have hanging from her shoulders. Just like the actress Gwyneth, this collection has multiple personalities and each one of them fits perfectly into whatever scene they are given. These latest bags are highly adaptable and look perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Read more

Beyonce is not only a famous singer but she is also becoming a leader in fashion. I must admit that she does have great taste, but I think her followers sometimes take things a bit too fair. Beyonce has a style that suits her perfectly, but some of her imitators end up looking a bit silly. The one recent addition to her look that even I’m tempted to copy is here Lena Erziak Sean Bag. This is a wonderful accessory that would look good on the shoulder of practically anyone. It is also one of those rare bags that would be suitable for almost any occasion; although the one I seen Beyonce showing off was probably best suited to the extremely confident individual.

The Lena Erziak Sean Bag creates a modern look that is 100% chic. I’ve not seen one up close but my favorite has to be the Leopard print with pony hair. It is an exotic look that seems ideal for the independent and spirited. It gives the impression of a world traveler who doesn’t have to ever slum it. The Lena Erziak Sean Bag is obviously made using the very finest materials. It costs about $900 which isn’t such a bad price for a fine designer bag like this one. Read more

Few Hollywood stars are as comfortable with the role of celebrity as Cameroon Diaz. It was like she was born to be adored. The most amazing thing is that despite her high profile she remains a nice person with no ego issues. She is the type of person who will stand out in a room full of celebrities yet she seems just as comfortable talking to more down to earth people. One of the other things that have to be said about Cameroon is that she knows all about fashion and always manages to look glamorous. In recent months it seems that she has developed a liking for Chanel designer handbags – in particular the red Cocoon.

It is not surprising that Cameroon should choose the Chanel Cocoon handbag as her current favorite accessory. These puffy reversible totes are very trendy and chic looking. The ad campaign for this bag used English pop star Lily Allen, but it is probably the fact that Cameroon Diaz has been seen using the bag that has given it the biggest promotional boost. Hopefully Cameroon was given this bag for free because if not then she has given away a lot of powerful advertising without payment. This must be the dream of any big name designer; to have a celebrity like Cameroon choosing to use their products. Read more

Recent photos of Kirstie Alley strolling around town with a bag that looks a bit like a studded Hermes Birkin bag. Critics claim it's a poor imitation of the Hermes bag... a unflattering shocking fake. This will not be the first time that Kirstie has been the object of negative attention by overexposing her struggle with weight issues, etc. Now it seems her taste in bags is also becoming a subject of interest.

It has to be said that even the original studded Hermes has its fans and critics. This is not what you would call a cute bag. It appeals more to those women who want to display their independent (bad-ass) modern streak. This is a look that Kirstie could possibly pull off but for some reason she just doesn’t quite manage it with this bag. The thing that really seems to make her choice of bag noticeable is that it isn’t actually a real Hermes handbag. In many ways it looks the same but it's a fake (Hope it wasn't a gift). The Hermes bag looks classy, but Kirstie’s bag just manages to look a bit… well, odd. Read more

Jessica Alba is a hot property in Hollywood. This thirty year old star has appeared in some great movies in recent years; who can forget her role in Little Fockers and the Fantastic Four. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet and of course she knows a thing or two about fashion. She takes pride in her clothing and has a real knack for choosing the most chic accessories. Jessica owns an impressive collection of designer handbags but one of her favorites is the Loewe Amazona Weekender.

It is hardly surprising that Jessica should favor the Loewe Amazona Weekender. After all, this is an extremely fashionable item that captures a modern look. One of the most unique aspects of this bag is that it is something that appeals to men as well as women. There are not many designer handbags that most men will be comfortable having on their shoulders but this might just be one of them. Of course within the collection of Loewe Amazona Weekender bags there are some that look more feminine than others. Mind you, Jessica could carry a Walmart plastic bag around with her and it would still look chic and sexy. Read more

dog purse Most of us will have seen pictures with Paris Hilton traveling around town with her dog in a handbag.  In fact it appears that Miss Hilton has sparked off a trend for copycats who own dogs small enough to be carried around in this way. While this type of pet transportation may at first appear to be quite cute, there may actually be a darker side to the whole thing. It turns out that veterinarians are worried that putting a dog in a handbag might actually be cruel. Apparently it can make their hair fall out and cause them a great deal of stress; of course I’m referring here to the pets.

Many of the top female stars worship designer handbags, and also have a soft spot for fashionable looking pets. It is probably no real surprise then that some have decided to combine the two together. In fact there may even be a worry that some celebrities may even choose their pets for how well they go with their designer handbags. This is a worrying phenomenon because pets are sentient beings and are not created to be used as accessories. So hopefully tiny dog owners will take heed of the warning from the experts about the damage they could be doing to their pets by transporting them in their handbags. Read more

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (AKA Lady Gaga) is probably the most fashionable person on the planet. Her choice in clothing and accessories is a huge part of what has made her famous and there are many who want to emulate her. If she chooses to wear a certain handbag then this is going to get that designer a lot of extra attention. This is great news for Hermes Birkin as it appears that Lady Gaga is a huge fan of their bags. She has recently been seen sporting the spiked Hermes Birkin and this is obviously going to ensure that many others will be buying this adorable bag. The spiked look is quite unique and is a good choice if you want to avoid the cute label – it is all female macho.

The New York star who is best known for her hits ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Paparazzi’ is believed to have quite a large selection of Hermes Birkin bags. As well as the large spiked bag that she took on a recent outing she also has another white Birkin bag with Japanese writing. It seems that the designer and pop diva are well matched when it comes to getting attached. Of course Lady Gaga is not the only high profile celebrity with a taste for Hermes Birkin designer handbags. This label is also a favourite of Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Lindsey Lohan, and Julia Roberts. Read more

These days all the top female celebrities seem to have their own designer handbags. These are bags that they either designed themselves or at least inspired. It must be a great feeling to move from a follower of fashion to a creator of fashion. Here are just a few of the most famous celebrities who have managed to get their own handbags.

  • Nicole Ritchie was always respected for her ability to choose the most chic looking designer handbag, but she was not happy just to follow the trends. Her House of Harlow 1960 collection have been a huge success. They are all inspired by the sixties fashion and the plan is for the collection to eventually consist of 50 bags. One of the other nice things about this collection is that they are all available for less than $600.
  • Kate Moss is one of the most successful fashion models of all time. She has also managed to keep the public entertained with her controversial private life. It is only right that somebody who is so closely connected to fashion should have her very own designer handbag. The Longchamp Gloucester Weekender Travel Bag is inspired by Kate’s hectic lifestyle.

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So far in 2011 we have seen some great examples of celebrities with their designer handbags. These stars do a great service to the public by highlighting what’s available in the world of fashion. Here are just a few of my favorite celebrities with their choices of handbag.

  • Lady Gaga is so hot at the moment so when she chooses a designer handbag you can bet a lot of people are going to notice. She has had a few different brands on her shoulder this year, but my favorite has to be here choice of a spiked Hermes Birkin. This modern and trendy looking bag seems to be all the rage at the moment and it was a perfect choice for Miss Gaga.
  • When Angelina Jolie isn’t trying to save, help and all the other amazing tributes to being a role model of a human being, she still manages to impresses the rest of us with her fabulous fashion sense. She is the undoubtedly the best dressed poverty activist on the planet. I loved seeing her with the Valentino Braided Leather Shoulder Bag. She actually bought this all the way back in 2007 but she continues to wear it today. This not only proves Angelina’s great taste in bags but also here green credentials – she is not a slave to fashion who has to buy a new handbag every week.

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