If you see your favorite celebrity with a Mulberry Alexa bag on their shoulder you shouldn’t be surprised. This designer handbag has won the hearts of the stars because it is just so fashionable. One of the most wonderful things about the Alexa is that it is available in so many wonderful colors; there is something to suit almost any mood. If I had the money I’d buy a few different Mulberry Alexa bags in different colors.

If you haven’t yet been up close to a Mulberry Alexa bag you are missing out. It looks like a cross between a men’s Elkington briefcase and a Bayswater bag. This might sound like an odd mix, but when you see the bag you will understand why it is such a perfect combination. The bag is made from oak soft buffalo leather and the hardware is of similar high quality. It comes with a postman’s lock closure as well as the Mulberry detailed rivet design. The top handle of the bag is plaited and looks visually impressive; especially in the tan color. Inside of the bag is the luxurious Mulberry tree lining. The Alexa can be worn with the messenger strap across the shoulder. Read more

The nice thing about Mulberry designs is that they mix city cool with English rural quaintness. This latest collection of bags for 2011 is the Mulberry Taylor line. These bags manage to somehow look modern and chic yet still offer a full dose of traditional elegance. This look is achieved by combining brand new designs with traditional hardware. This is also a practical bag that provides plenty of room inside for belongings.

The Mulberry Taylor collection is actually available in three different sizes; mini satchel, satchel, and oversize satchel. The oversize version is perfect for those of us who like to carry around a lot of belongings; it has a height of 29cm, a width of 44cm, and a depth of 16cm. For those who just want something small to carry around will find that the mini satchel is perfect. Personally I like the standard size bags; especially the deer brown with soft matte version. This also comes with oversize zip pulls for those of us who do occasionally have a bit more to carry around with us. Read more