I’m always looking for designer handbags that offers something a bit different and there is no doubt that the Nicole Miller bicycle chain bag fits the bill. The idea of a handbag that uses a bicycle chain as a strap might not sound very appealing but the bag is visually eye pleasing and chic. There are some nice bags available to buy at the moment but if you want to escape the humdrum then this one by Nicole Miller is worth considering.

Nicole Miller is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to designing her handbags. She gains inspiration from her environment and she noted that a lot more people seem to be using bikes these days. She somehow decided that people want to get closer to their bikes and that mixing a chain and a handbag would be a good combination. If I hadn’t seen the bag I’d have been adamant that this is an awful idea, but it just goes to show that visionaries are people who can see possibilities that escape us mere mortals – it does appear as if Nicole Miller is a visionary. Read more