Valentino Fany Woven Flower Tote Bag If you are keen to create the natural look then you might want to consider carrying around the Valentino Fany woven flower tote bag on your arm. This bag has a simplistic white look, but the elegant design means that you end up with something really eye catching. It just goes to prove that you don’t have to try too hard to create a winning designer handbag. The flower theme of this bag makes it the ideal choice for spring 2011, but this is a bag you might like to be seen with all year round.

As you would expect from a bag by Valentino it is all created from quality materials. The body of the bag benefits from floral weaving that is sure to make heads turn. This is all highlighted with classy gold hardware and leather trim. The sides of the bag are pleated and have a puffed look that is really cute. When you catch a look at this bag there is no doubting the fact that it is top class designer handbag. For all this style, the Valentino Fany woven flower tote bag is running a couple thousand dollars; although you could shop around for price comparisons. Read more