The Valextra Namaste big hobo bag is something I fell in love with at first sight. Everyone is saying that 2011 is the year of the hobo bag and with great items like this one it is easy to understand why. Even the name for this bag is wonderful; ‘namaste’ is an Indian greeting that many of us will be familiar with if we meditate or do yoga. This is the perfect name for this wonderfully simple yet exquisite bag from Valextra.

So what is it about the Valextra Namaste big hobo bag that has me so enthusiastic about its charms? Well for one thing it is just so confidently understated. There is nothing fancy about the design and if you like a log of hardware and extra bits on your bag then you are going to be disappointed. It is the lack of ornaments that makes this particular bag special and the fact that it has such a pleasing shape. The other really nice thing this bag is that it is going to be suitable for almost any occasion. So if you are going to be going to a formal occasion or just walking around town this bag is going to look great on your shoulders. Read more