Does Kirstie Alley Have Poor Taste in Handbags?


Recent photos of Kirstie Alley strolling around town with a bag that looks a bit like a studded Hermes Birkin bag. Critics claim it's a poor imitation of the Hermes bag... a unflattering shocking fake. This will not be the first time that Kirstie has been the object of negative attention by overexposing her struggle with weight issues, etc. Now it seems her taste in bags is also becoming a subject of interest.

It has to be said that even the original studded Hermes has its fans and critics. This is not what you would call a cute bag. It appeals more to those women who want to display their independent (bad-ass) modern streak. This is a look that Kirstie could possibly pull off but for some reason she just doesn’t quite manage it with this bag. The thing that really seems to make her choice of bag noticeable is that it isn’t actually a real Hermes handbag. In many ways it looks the same but it's a fake (Hope it wasn't a gift). The Hermes bag looks classy, but Kirstie’s bag just manages to look a bit… well, odd.

You would think that Kirstie would be a bit choosier about her designer handbags especially with all the attention and scandal that follows her every move. She certainly can afford it and has been known to donate millions of dollars to Scientology. It is also certain that she has access to a lot of fashion advisers so why haven’t they put her on the right track. Ahhh Kirstie... she has to put up with a lot of gossip and every fashion choice she makes seems to come under scrutiny. Maybe we don't get it, but don't carry fake designer handbags around... do a ruff neck move and go to the airport with a handgun - Just kidding.

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