Nicole Ritchie Enters the World of Designer Handbags


Nicole Ritchie has managed to impress a few people over the years with her choice of designer handbags. Her choice of a red channel purse is probably her greatest triumph so far. It seems though, Nicole is not just happy to select beautiful designer handbags made by other people though; she now wants to produce her own. She is convinced that here her eye for what’s hot and in fashion will ensure the success of this new collection.

These new handbags are going to be part of Nicole’s House of Harlow 1960 collection. This was originally just made up of her jewelery designs, but now she has decided to branch out into designer handbags. Apparently these new handbags are going to fit right in with everything else in the collection. So if you have been impressed with what has been offered so far, then you'll probably like the new offerings as well.

According to reports there is going to be up to 50 bags in this new House of Harlow 1960 collection from Nicole. All of these bags are set to retail for less than $600 and some may be close to $300. The collection promises to be innovative and bursting with Nicole’s personality. You can expect high quality and pretty fabrics and plenty of quirky embellishments. Like everything else in the House of Harlow collection there will be a 1960s influence. Even though Nicole wasn’t born until decades later, it seems that it has a huge influence on her fashion ideas.

The House of Harlow 1960 collection has only been with us for a short while, but it is good to see it growing so fast. The fact that it is now including designer handbags should attract new fans to Nicole’s brand.

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